Interview with #RewriteItClub


w/ Jeni Chappelle

Tell me a little about your writing.

KJ Harrowick: I write fantasy and science fiction with dark worlds and dark deeds. My characters usually walk onto the first page quite broken before I toss them into dire situations to test their strength and resilience.

Jen Davenport: I write pretty much the opposite of KJ. I love my romance and contemporary settings. Where she’s dark, I’m far from it. Three things you can always find in my books: romance, an alpha male, and a heroine who won’t hesitate to put him in his place.

KJ Harrowick: Like Jen, I love to have romantic entanglements for my heroes and heroines. Though, to find their permanent place in one another’s lives means traversing a stolen moon or dethroning a pretentious dragon.

What is Rewrite It Club? What's your mission?

Jen: Rewrite It Club is a weekly chat on Twitter where we discuss editing, revising, and all the things in between. We talk world building, digging deep into the why of your story, plot structure, and all the fun things about editing we want to avoid but can’t.

KJ: Part of our goal with Rewrite It Club is to offer encouragement and support to writers who are struggling in the revision trenches. Whether a storyteller is in developmental revisions or tackling line edits, Jen and I ask a lot of ‘why’ questions to help bring revision methodologies into the spotlight.

Jen: I would say our mission is to give others a place to find a community during the editing stage of writing. Hopefully a community that they’ll stick with for the long haul and share their knowledge with others.