#RevPit #10Queries - April 2020

Every year during the #RevPit Annual Contest, the editors tweet anonymous feedback on participants’ queries and first five pages. This way, the feedback in the tweets is helpful to all writers, not just the particular authors whose work we are addressing. This are all my tweets from the 2020 Annual Contest in April. If you prefer to read them on Twitter, they’re all in a thread, which you can view here.

1. My #RevPit #10Queries system is simple

R = Request! Must read more!!

M = Maybe list

P = Sad pass

I will stick to overarching genres, not subgenre

F Fantasy

H Horror

HF Historical

SF Sci fi

Sci F Science fantasy

SFF Speculative

2. Q1 A F A+ voice for a query. Super cool premise. But focus a little more on the MC. What do they want? What's their emotional wound, and how does it tie to the plot? GREAT start though. #RevPit #10Queries

3. P1 Again, super strong voice. But the voice is actually out of balance with the rest of the writing. Ground more in a scene + start with character. So promising! M #RevPit #10Queries