#RevPit #10Queries - February 2020

The #RevPit editors held another #10Queries mini event the beginning of the month. The point of these is to provide professional but anonymous feedback on authors' queries and first five pages.

Why anonymous?

When we keep to the constructs and elements instead of specifics, the feedback we provide on the tweets is helpful to other writers, not just the ones who were chosen in the raffle.

Here's a roundup of all my tweets for this mini-event, including some patterns I saw and recommended resources. If you're looking for feedback on your own query and first pages, I'm happy to schedule a critique!

  1. I want to start off the #RevPit #10Queries with an explanation for those new to it. Authors entered a raffle and were drawn at random to send in their query letter and first 5 pages. 20 pro editors read the subs and wrote feedback on them. Today, we are tweeting that feedback...

  2. ...but it's anonymous. That way, it can help any author to see what works and what doesn't in these materials. #RevPit has done several of #10Queries events in the past, and we hear each time how helpful it is for #AmQuerying authors, even if they didn't enter.

  3. So, buckle up. I'll post 2 tweets for each sub--1 for the query, 1 for the pages. I'll be around afterward to answer questions and give some general feedback and advice on these materials. Check the #RevPit #10Queries feed all day for some amazing #WritingAdvice

  4. Feel free to ask questions as I go, and I'll get to them as I can. But I promise I will get to them! #RevPit #10Queries

  5. Q1 YA UF Comps have me🤩 I love this premise just from the first paragraph. Great job explaining the plot. My only critique: a little more stakes. Is there a ticking clock? What will happen if they don't Do The Thing? Still, excited for pages! #RevPit #10Queries

  6. P1 Leads with hook and voice keeps it going. Sets up plot and character arc. Great microtension. Can you work some of the worldbuilding in later and a little more organically? But you can't just end it there--I want to know what happened! #RevPit @10Queries

  7. Q2 ? F Queries need narrative voice + remember that a query is to sell an agent on your story, to show them what stands out about it and get them to want to read your pages. It is not a sy