Writer in Motion - Week 1

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Gorgeous graphic by K.J. Harrowick

Welcome to Week 1 of the Writer in Motion project! The goal of this collaborative writing and revising project is to show how a writer moves through the drafting, feedback and editing process to create a polished work. This will be a week-by-week process where 12 writers will draft a short story, revise, rewrite, digest feedback, and blog about their process as they move from start to finish.

This week is all about introducing the writers and editors who are participating in the project. I'm so excited to be getting started!

The Authors

K. J. Harrowick &

Writer In Motion is finally here and I’m so excited to let everyone in on the big secret. When I was a child, I used to browse the library and bookstores with one thing in mind: a story that would take me far away to fall in love with a bizarre world. I still search for that one story, but now with every book I hold in my hands, I see...

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Jen Karner

Writing, is a process. To say the least. Trying to follow a story from the spark that puts fingers to the keyboard, to the final polished product isn’t easy. Any book you pluck off the shelf has been edited, tweaked, adjusted, and polished to a shine. Trying to explain it or that can be difficult to understand...

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