Writer In Motion - Week 2

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

What Is Writer In Motion Anyway?

How it started

Writer in Motion came about in my slack group, Writers’ Craft Room (get it? Craft…punny. Hehe). Author J.M. Jinks said she wanted to post the first draft and then the final draft of her manuscript to show how the revision process makes a huge difference to a gem in the rough. Then author K.J. Harrowick, in one of her many moments of brilliance, said it would make a great blog series.

The idea was born.

From there, several authors and I worked out all the details: they’ll write a 500-word piece based on a prompt that I provide (on this very post, even!). Then every week, they’ll each post their most recent draft. There will be four weeks total of drafts: their first (unedited) draft, their second draft (self-revising), a third draft based on critique partner feedback (the authors will also be critiquing each other's work), and a final draft based on editorial feedback. Then on the last week, we’ll each share our thoughts about the process.

Finally, we knew we'd need another editor, so we asked fellow Revise & Resub (#RevPit) editor Carly Hayward from Book Light Editorial to join us. She and I will be providing the editorial feedback to the twelve Writer in Motion authors.

I particularly love this idea because…

Well, because I’m a huge nerd for the writing process. But more importantly, I love the idea, as J.M. said, of being able to show writers the big changes that can occur over the course of revisions. Writer in Motion promises to show that, just on a scale much more manageable than a hundred-thousand-word manuscript.

When you make the comparison between a first draft and a published book, it’s like comparing an acorn to an oak tree

When you’re drafting, the only comparison you have to your writing is a published book. And that’s such an unfair comparison. Those books have been through multiple rounds of self-editing by the writer and received feedback from many people—editors at the least but often also agents, beta readers, and critique partners. It’s not unusual for ten or more people to provide feedback to an author on any one manuscript by the time it’s published. When you make the comparison between a first draft and a published book, it’s like comparing an acorn to an oak tree—all the raw materials are there, but it’s going to take time and lot of work to get it to grow that much. So when it’s just you and your computer, it’s natural to feel daunted at the thought of how you’ll get your draft to the point of being that strong.

The journey

So now there are twelve authors, willing to be brave and vulnerable and share their revision journey with you.

To follow along, you can watch for new posts at, the #WriterInMotion feed on Twitter, and each author’s blog:

The prompt

And the prompt is… this gorgeous photo!

Authors, you may use this image in any way that moves you: setting, colors, subject, the emotion it evokes. I can't wait to see what each of you comes up with!

The Rules

Post your unedited first draft on your blog by June 15th and tweet the link using #WriterInMotion.

Your first revision (see schedule below) needs to be 500-1000 words to keep the project manageable for your CPs and editor. Keep this in mind as you're drafting.

Join us!

We encourage everyone in the writing community to play along! All you have to do is write your own draft based on the prompt and then follow along with the Writer in Motion schedule below. Make sure to share to your social media and use #WriterInMotion.

Each week, you may add your thoughts, pictures, or whatever else you like to the blog posts. Show your support for the other writers by commenting and sharing their work too. If you have questions or need help finding critique partners for the project, let me know!

UPDATE! I'm excited that more authors have joined the Writer in Motion journey! Welcome Sheri MacIntyre, Jessica Lewis, Susan Burdorf, Stephanie Whitaker, Dawn Currie, Megan Van Dyke, SKaeth, Ari Augustine, Fariha Khayyam, M. Dalto, Sheryl Stein, and Belinda Grant

Two editors have also joined to make sure everyone gets editorial feedback! Maria Tureaud and Justine Manzano of Craft Quest.

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