Writer in Motion - Week 3

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

The Rough Drafts

A note from Jeni

It is finally time for the Writer in Motion authors' unedited first drafts based on the prompt. It's been really fun and exciting to see how different everyone's processes and results are, especially considering that these pieces all came from the same prompt. We have some pantsers, some plotters, some plantsers, and some who are still figuring out their process. And the range of tone, mood, voice, character, setting, and plot is just as varied.

And I want to take a moment to acknowledge something here. It takes a lot of courage for an author to put unedited work out into the world. Every single one of these writers pulled on their thick skin and let the words flow. As I've said before and will likely say again, the courage of writers never fails to inspire me. I have so much respect for all of you!

Over this next week, the authors will edit these drafts, post them to their blogs, and then send them to their critique partners for feedback. Check back soon to see the first revisions.

All my best!


The Prompt

The First (Unedited) Drafts

J.M. Jinks

The bell tolled on beat with my heart. One. Thump. Two. Thump. Three. Thump. On and on until it reached twelve. The witching hour.

I tugged the hood of my cloak lower and slid from the dark, shadowed crevice I’d been hiding in, waiting for this moment. Read more ...

Ellen Mulholland

The sand beneath my feet rises like the tide as I faceplant, forced to eat wet earth. A thought crosses my mind like a serpent, slithering between a seaweed jungle of fear and regret: I’m going to die. Read more ...