Writer in Motion - Week 4

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

The Second Drafts

A note from Jeni

This week, the authors self-edited their first drafts. It's amazing to see the changes the authors have made to such short pieces. It'd be easy to assume editing 500-1000 words wouldn't really be all that hard, but that isn't the case. Some of the authors posted detailed process explanations and screenshots with their tracked changes, which is wonderful! As a total nerd for the writing process, it's really cool to see how differently each writer approaches this.

Now the stories are in the hands of the critique partners, and next weekend, we'll see the revisions based on the feedback the authors give each other.

Remember the courage it takes to show what happens behind the curtain and keep encouraging the authors by leaving comments on their blogs and tweeting about their stories using #WriterInMotion.

Happy revising!


The Second (Self-Edited) Drafts

"The Witching Hour" by J.M. Jinks

The bell tolled on beat with my heart. One. Thump. Two. Thump. Three. Thump. On and on until it reached twelve. The witching hour.

I tugged the hood of my cloak lower and slid from the shadowed crevice I’d been hiding in, waiting for this moment. Read More...

"Joan" by Thuy Nguyen

He came to me on a midnight clear. An old man in a broken boat, rusted and screaming of tetanus. There was something odd about him—the way he seemed to light up from within, the way he floated across the splintered hull—as if he’d come from another time and place. Read More...