Writer in Motion - Week 5

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

The Third Drafts

A note from Jeni

This week, the authors critiqued each others' self-edited drafts. Each author had two critique partners, so they each received feedback from two others, as well as giving feedback on the drafts of two other authors as well. This week might have been the most time-intensive for the authors! The goal was to have a story ready to send their editors, and in order to do so, it had to be under 1000 words.

Each editor was randomly assigned several authors and are providing editorial feedback to the authors. I want to say a huge Thank You to Carly Hayward of Book Light Editorial and Maria Tureaud and Justine Manzano of Craft Quest for volunteering their time to this project. The final, polished stories will go up on blogs by this Saturday, and I can't wait to see!

Show your support to the authors by leaving comments on their blogs and tweeting about their stories using #WriterInMotion.

Happy revising!


The Third Drafts (with feedback from critique partners)

“Life and Death” by Sheri MacIntyre

Nora sat smoking in the window of her Gastown loft, her view of the street below cloaked by night and the rain streaking down the glass.

She’d seen a lot from her window seat, but never a murder. Until today. And the killer had seen her, too. Read More…

Untitled by Jessica Lewis