Writer In Motion - Week 6

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

A note from Jeni:

We've finally reached the end of our revision session! Our writers began with an inspirational image and drafted their first copy of a short piece of writing, followed by several rounds of edits--self-revision, critique partner revision, and, finally, editor revision courtesy of Carly Hayward of Book Light Editorial, Maria Tureaud and Justine Manzano of CraftQuest, and myself.

This week, our writers took notes from their assigned editors to finalize their short pieces, and If you haven't already, we hope you'll take time to peek through each round of revision so you can see the changes one piece of writing can go through during the editing process, and how that differs slightly from professional editing. We hope this series has shown you a thing or two you can use in your own writing to turn your rough first draft into the polished perfection you need and deserve.

Next week, we'll wrap up with final thoughts from each of our writers, but for now, please enjoy the final versions of these incredible pieces of writing!

The Final Drafts (after critiques from The Editors)

"Carly Saves the Kelp Kingdom" by Ellen Mulholland Editor: Carly Hayward

All I want’s a little adventure, and the Knotty Jib is perfect for one. It’s zippy engine and slender form cut the water like diamonds through glass. Dad says so.

He isn’t out here with us tonight, but if twelve’s old enough to babysit my annoying sister Jeni, it’s old enough to take his sweet KJ out for moonlight water donuts. Our neighbor takes his family boat out, and he’s eleven. Read more...