Writer in Motion - Week 1

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Gorgeous graphic by K.J. Harrowick

Welcome to Week 1 of the Writer in Motion project! The goal of this collaborative writing and revising project is to show how a writer moves through the drafting, feedback and editing process to create a polished work. This will be a week-by-week process where 12 writers will draft a short story, revise, rewrite, digest feedback, and blog about their process as they move from start to finish.

This week is all about introducing the writers and editors who are participating in the project. I'm so excited to be getting started!

The Authors

K. J. Harrowick &

Writer In Motion is finally here and I’m so excited to let everyone in on the big secret. When I was a child, I used to browse the library and bookstores with one thing in mind: a story that would take me far away to fall in love with a bizarre world. I still search for that one story, but now with every book I hold in my hands, I see...

Learn more about K.J. and their involvement in Writer in Motion here:

Jen Karner

Writing, is a process. To say the least. Trying to follow a story from the spark that puts fingers to the keyboard, to the final polished product isn’t easy. Any book you pluck off the shelf has been edited, tweaked, adjusted, and polished to a shine. Trying to explain it or that can be difficult to understand...

Learn more about Jen and their involvement in Writer in Motion here:

H.M. Braverman

A quick introduction – you can find out more about me on my ABOUT page – I have been pursuing writing in a professional capacity for a year and a few months as of this post (May, 2019). The past year has been amazingly enlightening and I’ve read so much on the craft of both writing and editing that I’ve grown exponentially as a writer in the past 15 months...

Learn more about H.M. and their involvement in Writer in Motion here:

J.M. Jinks

Hi all! I'm JM Jinks and I write fantasy (many genres) usually with a sprinkling of romance and steamy scenes. I also have a fondness for all things dark and clichés or tropes.

I am a published author of Mostly Innocent, A Powers That Be Novel. I'm currently undergoing a mentorship for #WriteMentor for my work-in-progress novel...

Learn more about J.M. and their involvement in Writer In Motion here:

Melissa Bergum

(will be posting via KJ’s site)

Hey there! Ever wonder what the steps are like for writers to take that trashcan fire of a first draft and turn it into something beautiful? Well buckle up, because we’re about to go on a several week adventure from word one to polished draft at the end through a blogging spree called WriterInMotion. Kick off to this project is June 1st...

Learn more about Melissa and their involvement in Writer in Motion here:

Thuy Nguyen

Hi everyone, thanks so much for stopping by! For a quick bio, I’m Thuy—married to my high-school sweetheart and mother of 2 (plus a pup) with big love for travel, art, football, food, and words! In case you couldn’t tell by all those exclamation points, I’m super stoked to kick off my journey with Writer-in-Motion...

Learn more about Thuy and their involvement in Writer in Motion here:

Kristen Howe

I’m originally from New Jersey and have lived in Ohio for 19 years. I’m unemployed and work as a freelance writer/editor for Upwork for 2.5 years and Hub Pages for five years. I’ve been writing for a long time ever since I was in high school, when my hobby in writing poems and short stories had transformed into dream career...

Learn more about Kristen and their involvement in Writer in Motion here:  

Kathryn Hewitt

Wait, I’ve just got to blow the dust and cobwebs from this old blog…there, that’s better!

So, I’ve got a new project to work on with lots of other writers, and even two editors! This time a group of us will be showing our first drafts – unpolished work, like some I’ve written on here in the dim and distant past – then we will get...

Learn more about Kathryn and their involvement in Writer in Motion here:

Sean Willson

So I decided to scratch my itch and silently returned to my writing about 7 months ago. Those of you who drop in from time to time might remember that I started a novel a few years back and then stopped at around 30k words. Well, since returning to writing late last year I finished the novel...

Learn more about Sean and their involvement in Writer in Motion here:

Paulette Wiles I was born and raised in Southwest Missouri, and moved to Southern California almost two years ago. I’m a wife, a homeschooling mom to a teenage daughter, and a wedding photographer. We have an adorable rescue mutt, two cats, a snake, and a lizard. It’s quite the zoo at our house, but I wouldn’t have it any other way...

Learn more about Paulette and their involvement in Writer in Motion here:

Talynn Lynn

Hey beautiful guys and dolls!! I'm so super excited to introduce the new project I'm going to be part of! It's called Writer in Motion, and it's a a group of writers and editors who will work through the beginning of a writing project to the end. From prompt to polished finished product...

Learn more about Taylnn and their involvement in Writer in Motion here:

Ellen Mulholland

My writing process looks a little like this: Research and outline a story using OneStopForWriters’ tools (about a month). Draft the story NaNoWriMo style (about a month). Let it sit and marinate for a month or two (or more). Come back to the rough draft with fresh eyes for a revision. Send it out to my CPs...

Learn more about Ellen and their involvement in Writer in Motion here:

The Editors

The editors are here to help however they can, including providing editorial feedback later in the process. More on that soon!

Jeni Chappelle

I am game master for this project, which means I helped create the guidelines, and I'm providing the prompt the writers will use for their short pieces.

Carly Hayward

Carly generously agreed to help with this project because I felt outnumbered....I mean, to make sure we can meet the tight deadlines we set for this project. Thanks, Carly!

What's Next?

Next week, I will post the full details of the project, including the writing prompt, which will stay a secret to all the writers until then. Mwahaha!

Follow along on this revision journey. It promises to be an adventure!

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