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Registration for Story Camp is currently closed, but Jeni is working on similar courses. Be the first to get all the details as soon as they're available. 

What authors say about Jeni's editing

I cannot rave enough about Jeni!

We met during the inaugural year of #RevPit and I was immediately struck by how much she just GOT my novel! Her notes were thorough and insightful and I was blown away by the depth of understanding she had for my characters and the story I was truly trying to tell. We chatted a bit before I received my edit letter and then after again, to really polish and hone the trouble spots. Not only did she strengthen my first novel, but I've had her voice in my head while writing the next to follow. She's amazing at helping writers further develop their skills and on top of all of that, she's a truly lovely person, always encouraging and one of my biggest cheerleaders. I'm so happy I got the chance to work with Jeni and happily recommend her to any writer I know!

Erin A. Craig, NYT Bestselling YA author 

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How it works


10 weeks of live classes so you can edit your manuscript as you learn. You can attend live, download the video recording afterward, or both. Written transcripts can also be provided upon request.



The Story Camp group, where you can ask questions and get support from Jeni and other writers in the course

Each class includes:

  • A one-hour workshop

  • Hands-on exercises in class + homework to go deeper

  • Practical tools for each topic

  • Personalized suggestions for additional resources based on your needs

  • Q&A time

  • Optional 30-minute peer critique group

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Who is Story Camp for?

You will benefit from this program if you:

  • want to revise effectively + build skills for a long-term author career

  • plan to publish and sell your novel (any publishing path is welcome!)

  • can see structural problems in other stories but not your own

  • know what your story needs but not how to fix it

  • have considered hiring an editor but want the skills to edit your own writing better

  • are committed to improving your writing skills but struggle with applying concepts

  • want answers about writing, revising, and/or publishing from a professional editor with years of editing experience helping hundreds of authors

  • want accountability, networking, and a close-knit community where you can discuss the issues you’re facing in your specific writing

Who shouldn't join Story Camp?


This program isn't for you if you:

  • just write for yourself and not readers

  • need help fleshing out your concept or finishing a first draft

  • are sure your story only needs polishing 

  • want specific feedback on your whole story

  • need edits at a sentence or scene level BUT NOT the big-picture, storytelling level (check out our editing or coaching for that!)

  • think this program will mean not having to work with an editor later (there will always be things you can’t see about your own work, and regardless of your publishing path, you’ll need to work with an editor at some stage. Even editors need editors! But you can get better at editing your own work to minimize the time—and sometimes money—you have to put into editing.)


What authors say about Jeni's workshops


Jeni's quick-paced workshop on a story's first pages provided rich tips to tighten my opening. Her list is compact, reasonable, and makes logical connections. I love how conversational Jeni is in presenting her ideas. I easily applied her tips and loved her "no-no's" list! The question time gave me a chance to hear other author's insights and how they might apply the ideas.

Ellen Mulholland, author of middle grade fantasies, represented by Kortney Price of Raven Quill Literary Agency

Like my free resources?
Then you're going to love Story Camp.

🌟 I use my signature style to make craft techniques easy to understand. So you can see not only how each element works but the big picture of how they all work together.

🌟 This is the only time this course will be offered in this format. This is my first time teaching this particular course, so I’m offering it at a lower price for live classes than it will ever be again.


🌟 This course is just about story content. No grammar, spelling, or formatting. Just the information you need to nail your story structure.


  • 10 weeks so you can edit your manuscript in real time as you learn

  • Attend classes live or work at your own pace

  • A one-hour workshop + an optional 30-minute peer feedback session every week

  • Hands-on exercises in class + homework to go deeper

  • Practical tools for each topic

  • Personalized suggestions for additional resources based on your needs

  • Have your questions answered by an experienced industry professional

  • Small groups means more one-on-one time

  • And a private group chat to connect and take your learning further

If you're revising or will be soon, you don't want to miss this.

I've been helping authors shape their stories since 2009. My clients have gone on to publish multiple novels, win awards, and hit bestseller lists, 

I'm excited about Story Camp because it combines my talent for making complex writing concepts easy to understand with my word-nerd knowledge of practical  tools + resources.


My goal is to help you dig deeper and learn more. 

For my full bio, check out my About page

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Jeni Chappelle

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Registration details


Story Camp and Jeni Chappelle Editorial are committed to inclusion. We encourage participation from Black writers, writers of color, and those in the LGBTQ+, immigrant, neurodiverse, and other communities that have historically been underrepresented in publishing. 

Harassment will not be tolerated, up to and including removal from the program without refund.
Read the full Terms and Conditions, including the Anti-Harassment Policy.



Authors must write fiction in any genre for ages 10 and above​

Dates: Thursdays at noon Eastern, July 14, 2022 - September 15, 2022 

Recordings of all workshops and materials will be available to all participants.


​Registration Deadline: July 10, 2022

​Cost: $597

Payment plans and partial scholarships available. Payment Plans Pay 3 monthly payments of $200 each. The first payment is due the day you register, and you'll be billed once a month the next two months. Payments are processed through Stripe, which accepts credit card, debit/ACH, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Partial Scholarships Spaces are limited. 50% discount. Pay 3 monthly payments of $100 each. The first payment is due the day you register, and you'll be billed once a month the next two months. Payments are processed through Stripe, which accepts credit card, debit/ACH, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. If you need a payment plan or partial scholarship, select the Manual Payment at checkout. You will receive an email within 24 hours with instructions on how to complete your registration process. If you do not receive this email after 24 hours, please contact our team.

If you’d like to sponsor or contribute to a scholarship, please contact the Jeni Chappelle Editorial team.


Live sessions will take place on Zoom. Participants must download the Zoom software on their computer or smart device prior to the event. You can download that on the Zoom website. Participants will need an internet connection and a computer or smart device. All participants will receive a link to the Zoom meeting via email prior to the event.  Links to recordings will be sent via email to all participants and also posted in the Story Camp group, which will be hosted in Discord. Discord does have an app you can download on your computer or smart device, but it can also be accessed in your browser. If you want to download the Discord app, you can do that on the Discord website.

Read the full Terms and Conditions, including the Anti-Harassment Policy

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Can I join if I have an agent, have worked with an editor, or have already published a book? 
Absolutely! Self-editing is an important skill every author needs to build, regardless of where you are in your career.

Do I need a complete manuscript?

No. Since you'll get copies of all the materials for you to keep, you can edit on your own schedule.

Is this only for querying authors?

Not at all. Regardless of which path you plan to take to publication—or if you don't know yet!—you can benefit from this program.

Will an editor edit my story?

That is not part of the course, but you can schedule edits and/or consultations as well. 

What should I do if I need accommodations? 

Just reach out via my contact form. I will be happy to accommodate whatever I can. Some past accommodations have included captions, transcripts, and large-text formatting of materials. 

Do I have to join the group chat?

No, the group is completely optional. I understand that not everyone likes a group chat, so any important information will be sent to all participants via email. 

If I can't join the live sessions, how will I get my questions answered? 

You can ask questions through the group chat, or you can email me directly.

Do you offer payment plans or scholarships?

I do! If you need a payment plan or scholarship, just reach out via my contact form

How do I pay?

The form accepts credit card, PayPal, or Apple Pay. If you need a different form of payment, please contact us via our contact form.  

What is your refund policy?

Refunds will only be made in the event that the course is cancelled.

If you still have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the Jeni Chappelle Editorial team via our contact form.