Jeni Chappelle
Chief Editor and Founder

Jeni Chappelle a freelance novel editor with more than twelve years of editing experience and a lifetime of word nerdiness. In her editing, she uses her own internal conflict between logic and creativity to help authors shape their stories and bring their books out into the world. She has edited a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction in all age groups and had the pleasure of working with thousands of authors from all over the world, including bestselling and award-winning authors.

She is  a member of Editorial Freelancers Association and ACES, a co-founder and editor for Twitter pitch event Revise & Resub (#RevPit), co-host of the Indie Chicks and Story Chat Radio podcasts, and co-creator and Editorial Director for Writer In Motion.

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Jeni considers herself a hobbit (minus the big, hairy feet) and lives in a tiny town near Charlotte, NC with her family and way too many pets: two dogs, five cats, two fancy rats, a rabbit, and an aquatic turtle.


Jeni edits all genres of fiction for middle grade and up but especially loves elements of fantasy, history, and mystery. She gets really excited by underrepresented cultures; stories that work real-world concerns into fictional settings; characters with psychologically-sound motivations and reactions; realistic non-romantic relationships (although she loves a good romance too!); and new twists on old favorites—whether that’s character, plot, concept, or tropes.

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Sandy Roffey
Admin Assistant

Sandy (S.M.) Roffey is a demi-pan adult fantasy writer and personal essayist who lives in the Northeast with her genderqueer spouse and three LGBTQ children, drinking tea and trying to get out from underneath her cats. S.M. is the creator of the writer support account @team_optimism on Twitter. Her essays have been featured on The Good Men Project and Huffington Post, though writing fantasy will always be her primary passion.

You can find S.M. on her website www.smroffey.comTwitterand Instagram.


Ismael Manzano
Developmental Editor

Ismael Manzano has worked as a freelance editor for The Inkwell Council, which he co-founded and focused on developmental edits; Craft Quest; and more recently, Champagne Book Group as a content editor before finding a new home at Jeni Chapelle Editorial. His short fiction can be found in the web magazines Grey Matter and This Dark Matter. His fantasy novel, Soulless, Book 1 of the Soul Broker series was released in 2016, by Fantasy Works Publishing.

Ismael resides in the Bronx with his wonderful wife and his amazing son. He’s been a lover of books since a very young, discovering the wonders of C.S. Lewis’ Narnia at nine and devouring the entire series in one summer.

Basically, Ismael will edit just about anything, but be prepared to justify every act your character does. He likes all things fantasy; horror--more particularly cerebral, well-paced horror but will take a good bloodbath if the story is strong; anything supernatural or paranormal; Science Fiction that doesn’t bog the reader down in technical-babble that doesn’t feel natural;  Young Adult along a vast spectrum of genres, although not a fan of the love triangle trope. May not be the best fit for Contemporary Romance, MG, historical, or stories dealing with topics of rape or child abuse.