I've been so excited to share this! I know it’s hard when you aren’t selected for a contest. It’s the only thing I really don’t like about being a #RevPit editor. I’m not used to making authors feel rejected, and I hate it so much. Last week, I asked how we, the whole #RevPit community, might better help people who struggle with feeling down after the contest. Just because it’s part of it doesn’t mean we can’t try to support each other.

Your answers were so inspiring, and some came up over and over: the need for feedback and support and hating to see the camaraderie go. You can see all the answers here

So I came up with #CampRevPit, a new way to give support to even more of the #RevPit community. #CampRevPit will provide new opportunities to get feedback, encouragement, and keep the games and support going. The goal is to help you keep working on your ms—with suppor