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Jeni is professional, knowledgeable, and untangled the knots scattered throughout my ms, all while helping give agency to my MC and develop her voice. She suggested several changes that were very much in line with what I wanted, but was too deep into the ms to see. She gave me new ideas that had my brain spinning and coming up with new and amazing small scenes and helped me add over 10k to the original story to make it shine. Her notes were precise and to the point, along with caring notes and check-ins during the hardest time of revision.

I always had this image that writers suffer at the hands of their editors, and sometimes they'll say things you don't want to hear, and I was prepared for all of it. But it never happened. We worked so well during the entire process! Jeni went above and beyond what the [#RevPit] contest actually requires. 

Raquel Miotto, 2018 #RevPit winner 

Jeni was undoubtedly a key player in my manuscript's success. At first, I was nervous about paying someone without a "guarantee" of what the payoff would be—would I get my money's worth? Having now worked with Jeni I can say without hesitation that my answer is YES. Jeni's notes were intelligent and insightful, and I could tell that she really took her time with my manuscript. I was so blown away by the developmental edits we worked on that I later went back and worked with Jeni on a final proofread before querying. I can't recommend Jeni enough!

Shannon Price, author of A Thousand Fires

I was so excited to connect with Jeni through the Revise & Resub contest on Twitter! Jeni's feedback on my manuscript was terrific: timely, sensitive, and wise. She did a wonderful job of understanding my main character and seeing how I needed to develop that character more. Her developmental letter touched on the most important points for big-picture revision, while her line edits gave a clear sense of what specific parts of the manuscript needed work. I really enjoyed working with Jeni, and signed with my dream agent just a few months after completing the edits she suggested!

Sarah R. Baughman, author of A Light in the Lake

Skilled editing can be the difference between a good book and a memorable one.  Jeni has become an invaluable member of my team – can’t imagine working through the process of publishing without her.  She’s great at pointing out just the right change I need to make in order for a scene to flow correctly.  I’ve happily recommended her to several of my friends.

D.K.Burrow, YA and NA author of the Secrets and Lies series 

I cannot rave enough about Jeni! We met during the inaugural year of #RevPit and I was immediately struck by how much she just GOT my novel! Her notes were thorough and insightful and I was blown away by the depth of understanding she had for my characters and the story I was truly trying to tell. We chatted a bit before I received my edit letter and then after again, to really polish and hone the trouble spots. Not only did she strengthen my first novel, but I've had her voice in my head while writing the next to follow. She's amazing at helping writers further develop their skills and on top of all of that, she's a truly lovely person, always encouraging and one of my biggest cheerleaders. I'm so happy I got the chance to work with Jeni and happily recommend her to any writer I know!

Erin A. Craig, NYT Bestselling author of House of Salt and Sorrows

HL Carpenter, author of Pirate Summer

We’ve worked with Jeni Chappelle through seven mysteries now and she is by far one of the most intuitive editors we’ve ever known. She always seems to know what we’re thinking and can make effective changes without murdering our novels. I would recommend her to any writer – regardless of genre or where they are in their career. She’s pleasant and professional. What more could anyone ask from an editor?

I started working with Jeni Chappelle as a raw newbie writer a year and a half ago. Since then I have published my first novel and completed three others. The most important thing for me, as a writer using a pseudonym, I could not rely on friends and family to help with reviews. I think the best testimonial you can find are the ratings I have on Amazon and Goodreads, all due to Jeni’s help coaching and editing my novels.

Joyce and Jim Lavene, National Bestselling Authors of the Retired Witches Mysteries from Penguin/Random House

Kathleen Rovner, author of the Lightning series

Jeni Chappelle is the consummate professional. She knows what she is doing, and she does it well. Add that to a touch of humanity that she brings to each project, and you won’t find a better editor or writing coach.

Jeni has a gift for helping me to see what I didn’t want to here about my manuscripts. Her manuscript review helped me to focus my first novel. Her editing has made me a better writer and was very insightful. Plus she delivers when she promises and is fun to work with.

Tom McGann, author of The Riddle of Riddles 

Vicki Pugliese, author of Shades of Blue

Jeni is a thorough editor who not only catches grammatical errors but plot inconsistencies as well. She did a wonderful job with Killer Wedding Cake, and I’ll be utilizing her services again soon!

Jeni's light touch, sound suggestions, and insightful feedback improve our books while allowing our voice to shine. If you're considering working with Jeni, we wholeheartedly encourage you to do so. Like us, you'll be a repeat customer.

Gayle Trent/Amanda Lee/Gayle Leeson, author with Gallery, Obsidian, and Amazon

H.L. Carpenter, author of Pirate Summer

Jeni was a great help on my debut novel. She was able to step up to the challenge of a Christmas holiday-themed release. Despite the tight timeline, she turned around a quality product, allowing me to meet the holiday deadline for a successful initial book release. Jeni is flexible and open to author feedback.  I am already planning to use her services for the rest of my series.

Working with Jeni has been an uplifting experience. She took on my first novel, as well as several smaller pieces, with professional grace, walking me through the steps necessary to make my work a polished product I am very proud of and my fans enjoy. The feedback is constructive and always completed in a timely manner. My family is on the road, so her online services are a must. But even if we could settle down, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Dana Gunn, author of the Mistletoe Mysteries series

E. L. Strife, author of the Infinite Spark series

I emailed my work in progress to Jeni Chappelle and asked her to read through it. Something felt “off” (my word). Jeni told me what was missing and suggested scenes here and there that would help the story move along. I appreciated her light touch and professional advice in making recommendations. With her help, I am close to having written my first historical fiction. I couldn’t have done it without Jeni.

Peggy West, author of The Governess Vendetta

I worked with Jeni on my first young adult fiction novel and was very happy with the outcome. Jeni was so professional in handling the project, very responsive and on-time.  Her copy editing picked out all kinds of little mistakes or improvements, and her advice on the narrative was really helpful that I ended up making a couple of real changes. Also appreciated was her kindness with which she treated my first novel.  I’d recommend her in a heart beat! 

Sol Kwon, author of The Magical Awakening of Emmy Sukar